Hugo Hebrard, architecture photographer

At 12 a family's friend gives me a film camera.

I start shooting my hometown : Paris, and its construction areas, that fascinate me. I soon become obsessed with photography.

  • In 2011, i travel to Canada with photographer Alfredo Brant to shoot architecture, cities, and expatriates. This project received prices and exhibitions, but mostly enhanced my will to run through cities with my camera...

Back from Canada, in 2012, i very naturally become an architecture photographer, working for clients such as Chabanne and Partners, with the help of photographer Vincent Fillon, SEMAPA, BGA Architects, Chapman Taylor, TBWA, EIFFAGE, Studios Architecture, Vinci, SempariSeine, and others...

  • My work gets published in different magazines, such as AMC, A Vivres, Archdaily, Côté Maison, and other magazines specialised in architecture and interior.

In parallel, i work on photographic projects in Europe and Internationally that bring me to discover very interesting architects and exciting places.

My photographic approach is to immerse myself into the experience of a site, feeling the shapes, the light and the atmosphere of the place...

  • Upstream conversations with the architect, the contractor, are exciting and allow me to understand the intent, the language that takes place on a project.

Once on site, it is like meeting a place. I work on a portrait of this place, on a very instinctive manner. This way i perceive images that bring a whole new look on the architect's project.

  • If you have any questions, projects, or even ideas you want to discuss over a coffee, don't hesitate to contact me.
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